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From our vinyl collections to the damp grass in the Belgian woods to the vulnerability of a drawing to specialisms in celebrating, constructing, adding, withdrawing, speculating, resisting: once writing became sound that cemented a friendship. Brick by bleeding brick. The identity of the narrator shifts in a certain time span: an eternity, a she-beat. From 2003 to 2010 we worked together as The Skills. Glam and Slowmone, like Kylie and Britney, losing guitar picks all over the place and making a layout for daily life. Voice, bass, guitar. Maybe a drummer. Sometimes our voices resonate, and we pin down the most charged moments that we share with others. Language, images through a lense or on paper... XXXX




Finissage 'Blurrr'
Tent (Rotterdam) 2009

Lecture R. Groenenboom
Documentary Dick Rijneke and Mildred van Leeuwaarden
Performance The Skills
Camera Fred Ernst

Opening 'Kissing The Target'
Hedah (Maastricht) 2009

Myriam Custers
Performance The Skills

Camera Bruno Besana
Opening 'Zwart'
CBK Apeldoorn 2008

Annemiek Pruyt, Erik Odijk, Erik Wong, Erzsi Pennings, Freudenthal Verhagen, Anke Land, Iris van Dongen, Jacqueline Floor, Jan Koen Lomans, Simone van Dijken, Vittorio Roerade, Wouter van Riessen
Performance The Skills

  Opening 'Ultrabright Close To Being Deaf'
Hedah (Maastricht) 2007

Jan Adriaans
Performance Simone van Dijken
Camera Raymond Moonen
Opening 'Buitenlanders!'
K13 (Velp) 2007

Joseph Jessen, Nick Hullegie, Hans Walraven
Performance Shattered Minds
Performance The Skills

Opening 'Ja! En deels verfomfaaid'
Buro Empty (Amsterdam) 2007

Gam Bodenhausen
Performance Simone van Dijken
Camera Marcel de Buck
  Opening 'Discours/No Leitmotiv'
Buro Empty (Amsterdam) 2006

Lukas Gothman, Maarten Heijkamp, Sarah Verbeek, Gam Bodenhausen, Nick Ervinck, Peter Luining, Arthur Zalewski, Raymond Cuijpers
Performance The Skills

Camera Sarah Verbeek
Opening 'Binnenste Buiten 4'
Safe (Dalfsen) 2005

Martine Sprangers, Anno Dijkstra
Performance The Skills

Opening '2'
Gallery Slewe (Amsterdam) 2004

Robbert-Jan Gijzen
Performance The Skills
Camera Tina Sejbjerg


Residency at De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek (Helmond) 2007

Gam Bodenhausen & Simone van Dijken
Wall drawings
Performance The Skills

  28 July 2007 De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Hellmouth.

The hardest moment in pregnancy: she felt like having the very worst hangover ever. Each morning. Waking up in a place of which the name serves as an entrance to eternal punishment and torture won't make a person feel light and happy. And apparently we do have a bit of a symbiotic relationship, so getting up in the morning and mixing the paint and lifting the brushes felt like an impossible job.

We started with vegetation, shapes and emotional states, and I was moving toward my pixellated / grafitti-like vocabulary more and more. Gam kept things clear and poetic in charcoal.

A cameraguy and reporter showed up at the opening and made a little item about us for local Maastricht television, we did some songs and then went home.

It was hard to peel off those layers that work like a heavy blanket and slow you down, and all you want to do is cry a little and fall asleep for half a day.




yourspace / Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven) 2009

Josepha de Jong
Rachel Koolen
Simone van Dijken
Performance The Skills 'I Want It Raw'

camera Rachel Koolen
    June 14th, 2009

So I have been wondering about 'punk' lately. A tag, a flavor, a dusty diamond? The reason for my pondering was a question. I was asked to take part in a legitimate parasitic act of love: to react on the work of a an established painter and performance artist. She completely stole my heart with her paintings, where strokes of paint mated like snakes and built portraits, landscapes: monochromes vacationing. The outlines of a definition. I watched performances she had done with musicians, ploughing through ideas and destruction. There is something punk in a certain approach, an undefinedness from which someone breaks down a border and truly creates. BUT! Wait. Isn't that immer the case with art? Formulaic art is a contradictio in terminis, yeah? The poor artist always has to start from scratch, and from that genesis on he or she will be confined to permanent scratch. The ueber-romantic who is me likes to state way too often that 'you always end up emptyhanded' as an artist. There is no knowledge to gain, no empire to build. Well, that doesn't keep us from trying though. I have almost built up a kingdom, and I am a king with two empty hands and a nervous grin - three-chord-punk is not necessarily punk. What is shown on the music entertainment hollow channels is a disguised spasm of capitalism. Punk=autonomy? Punk=the realization-brought-into-action of the relevance of an autonomous state of creativity, from which the kingdom can be built from scratch in order to remain a vital unit of permanent scratch? Maybe. I will think a bit more about it. After some time a satisfying clue will probably display itself in an understandable language through foreign and friendly tongues.....

"Indie musicians have their fans, organize festivals on their stage. An idea was born to arrange something similar in Vilnius with drawings, completing them with music. I think that “non-traditional” drawings and independent music have many common points of contacts. This was how the possibility offered itself to rally the artists with close artistic orientation and thinking, and similarly like in indie music to create in Vilnius an independent stage of art." Linas Jablonskis, artist and initiator IDG

Independent Drawing Gig
Quartair (The Hague) 2007

Bjorn Hegardt, The Bubble Process, Egle Ridikaite, Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, Eunji Cho, Gaku Shinohara, Gam Bodenhausen, Jerome Chazeix, Jeroen Cramers, Kristina Sepetyte, Linas Jablonskis, Rachel Bacon, Ray Bartkus, Richard Brouwer, Ronald Cornelissen, Simone van Dijken, Time Stereo, Velimir Zernovski, Vytenis Jankunas, Yane Calovski, Cocaine and Abel, Eunji Cho, The Skills

curated by Rachel Bacon, Yane Calovski and Linas Jablonskis

Independent Drawing Gig
The Moth (St. Martensvoeren) 2008

Annette Stahmer, Marcel de Buck, Gam Bodenhausen, Ray Moon, Birgitta van Drie, Stephane Querrec, Simone van Dijken, Petra Kaiser, The Skills

curated by Simone van Dijken

Independent Drawing Gig
Het Wilde Weten (Rotterdam) 2009

Rachel Bacon, Gam Bodenhausen, Stephan van den Burg, Simone van Dijken, Anouk Griffioen, Kuin Heuff, Marcha van den Hurk, Linas Jablonskis, Koray Kantarcioglu, Dirk van Lieshout, Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, Dainius Liskevicius, Nanda Runge, Stefanie Scholte, Sander Zweerts de Jong, TIR, Firetime

curated by Erik-Jan Ligtvoet and Gam Bodenhausen

"D is conceived as a magazine focusing on drawing as a practice and a medium. By engaging leading and emerging artists, curators, critics, and scholars to reflect on drawing as both an essential process and a universal, cross-disciplinary activity, D offers itself as an experiment in representation, commentary and analysis."
Yane Calovski, artist and editor D Magazine
D Magazine pilot issue

Yane Calovski, Olivier Foulon, John Wood, Francisco Valdés, Alex Baker, Norman Bryson, Gaku Tsutaya, Jim Hinz, Anders Kreuger, Jeroun Cremers, Glenn Ligon, Simone van Dijken and many others.
29,5 x 21 cm / 122 pp.
ISBN 978-3-937577-61-6

D Magazine first issue

Yane Calovski, Ivanka Apostolova, Sandra Boeschenstein, Goran Dachev, Jorge Queiroz, Aleksandra Stankovski, Florian Zeyfang, Oskar Korsar, Mile Nicevski, Jenny Perlin, Stefan Rauter, Roland Senoner, Paul Thuile, Francisco Valdés, Chris Warrington, Letizia Werth, Bjorn Hegardt, Linas Jablonskis, Ylva Olung and The Skills
29,5 x 21 cm / 136 pp.
ISBN 978-3-86588-221-9


Oddpop festival
Losstheater (Maastricht) 2003

Felix Kubin, Matt Wand, La Bomba, IBW, Sabine Hiemann, Thuth, Paul Devens, Dark Brown Feeling, Meeuw, Kimikal, The Skills - debut!
Camera Richard Pennings

Oddpop festival
Losstheater (Maastricht) 2004

Candie Hank, the Electrifying Beef Brothers, Puyo Puyo, Spoilt Child, Hugo Freegow, Messieurs Delmotte, Damie Boy, Prins W, Meeuw, Harry Merry, John's Funky Shit, Jack the Rapper, cpt Spoon, dr Groove & the Oboema

Oddstock festival
Losstheater (Maastricht) 2005

Bertin, Every kid on speed, The Hitmachine, Meeuw, Damie Boy featuring Kania Tieffer & Coeurvert, MC Cambodia & Booty Carrell, La Bomba, Nova Huta, Neoangin, Jack the Rapper, Thuth, The Skills - cd presentation!

Garage Sale
Het Wilde Weten (Rotterdam) 2009

Johnny Tover, LDQ ft. Thuth, Hidde van Schie, Captain Spoon, The Skills

Organized by Gam in collaboration with Het Wilde Weten