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July 1st, 2006

I am a huge fan of old Dutch expressions, for instance the one about the importance of relaxation (which contradicts the remains of our calvinist background that so many people, when it gets stuck to their sandals and leaves traces all over the hallway that can't be erased, still seem to honor and cherish) - clean your shoes, you lovely creatures, it's SUMMER!


Anyway. Our new high is based on an old principle: take out the trash, take it outside..... Well, outside and then inside again, especially inside a ladies' gym ('cause i'm a laaaady) and work that poor, alcohol-and-nicotine-drenched body until you step out on the streets un-trashed, with glowing skin and muscles of steel, holding your guitar with only two fingers and playing like a divine heart(rock)body.



Welcome back, Pat Bateman, we love the eighties! Within weeks we'll be making cheap, clean, materialist, synthy discopop that serves as an exterior layer over a world that's rotten to the core. As I said, it's summer, let's enjoy flipflops, sandals, bikinis, short dresses, muscles and relaxation. I guess we deserve it.


White Leather Jacket (2005) CD
9 tracks written and performed by The Skills and recorded and mastered at 3 Sun Recordings, Maastricht, The Netherlands.


The Old Dirty Carpet Rock


Blond Pink And Blue


"BRAND NEW CD: WHITE LEATHER JACKET! First there was the drawing on a piece of brown paper, then the text on my pc, then the euforic yet doomy song & now there's the shiny silvery disc that brings it all together: the words and music, the images and characters. Here's the poetry: 1.White leather jacket, 2.Tobacco, 3.Urgent dutje, 4.The old dirty carpet rock, 5.Blond, pink and blue, 6.Veilige hoes, 7.Trash, 8.Out of my head, 9.Drinking part I. It's not only about hotties and cuties you know (but some of it is)"

Brash & Vulgar (2009) CD
'Svelte Blonde' lyrics and vocals Simone. In Flagranti / Codek Records, New York, USA.

  Svelte Blonde


It's not all electro instrumentals there are some killer glam new wave punk tracks on here like the awesome 'Svelte Blonde'. You need this LP while it's fresh. It's almost certainly going to become a future classic. - vainzine.blogspot.com

Mind The Gap / Track13 (2006) CD
'White Leather Jacket' by The Skills.
Magazine Gonzocircus, Amsterdam/Voerendaal, The Netherlands.

  White Leather Jacket


We proudly would like to pay at least some attention to the fact that we, The Skills, will contribute our song White Leather jacket **about the inability of dealing with our own happiness, and ‘foute’ eighties garments** to the next ‘Track 13’ cd that comes with the beautiful magazine Gonzo. It will be available from the 10th of October. See also www.gonzocircus.com"

Oddpop sampler (2004) CD
Compilation 3 years of Oddpop, festival for strange pop music. With The Skills, Paul Devens, Thuth, Felix Kubin, Candie Hank, People Like Us, Matt Wand and others. Maastricht, The Netherlands.

  Veilige Hoes


"We recorded our anthem 'Veilige Hoes' for the first time in a real studio and it will be on a compilation cd with strange pop music..."