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White Leather Jacket
3 Sun Recordings, Maastricht (2005)

From our vinyl record collections to the damp grass in the Belgian woods to the vulnerability of a drawing to specialisms in celebrating, constructing, adding, withdrawing, speculating, resisting: our writing became sound, cementing a friendship. Brick by bleeding brick. The identity of the narrator shifts in a certain time span: an eternity, a she-beat. Glam and Slowmone, like Kylie, like Britney, losing guitar picks all over the place and making a layout for daily life. Voice, bass, guitar. Maybe a drummer. In 2005 we pinned down the most charged moments and recorded White Leather Jacket, a small town chronicle of desire, self-sabotage, protection, and self-care. Click on the titles below to have a listen ♥ ♬



Brash And Vulgar
Track Svelte Blonde with words and voice by Simone
In Flagranti, Codek Records, New York (2009)



Mind The Gap / Track 13
White Leather Jacket by The Skills
Gonzocircus, Amsterdam/Voerendaal (2006)



Oddpop Sampler
Compilation of 3 years Oddpop, Festival For Strange Pop Music, with Veilige Hoes by The Skills
Maastricht (2004-2005)

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